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tv   News  ABC  October 26, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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are e ey trusted him with the children and now a swim coach is accused of terrible abuses involving an athlete. bottled water, food, generators the items that people are stocking up on to get ahead of sandy. we'll tell you how things are going. >> i think if you are going to look for a generator it will be tough. we're being hold that the government is be prepared this will be bad. >> and we have been monitoring this for a number of days. and a lot of different things. we're not sure how bad that will be but we are looking at that's what we like to call it. can you see the biggest thing with the storm now and yes you
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are dealing with the that will once it comes in contact with the front. this and towards the north as we go through the day it will impact us. some people not taking chances. they are working hard to be prepared to be ahead of the storm. >> what have you looked at. and everything from tarps to generators and by the end of the night. and outages for days and they
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were worthwhile. we spoke with managers they hope to get a shipment. >> it could be a long one again once the winds we could be in for a serious outage. it is because they forgot the fuel. >> bge is preparing for a scenario with thousands of outages throughout maryland. they are taking advantage by mobilizing employees and getting people in place. we're tracking the storm on line for the latest of the track. can you find the radar.
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let's see how the roads are looking. >> there is construction. it ill with be shut down over to 695. the storm and it could cancel the roadwork. if you are using 695 it will be nice and clear here and no problems down to 95. as we pull up the drive times the rest of the beltway in good shape up to towson. and from route 43 down to the beltway. it will remain nice and clear. over to you. we have a sad story that will break an animal lover's
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heart a pit bull was found tied up. the dog had bite parks. she is recovering at barks. she was found in a home which is not far from the west side shopping center. they are on her face and paws. there is a lot of skin missing. she has a 50% chance of surviving. >> i get upset thinking about it, i don't know how someone can do that to a dog. >> we want to you know that barks is hoping and police are hoping that someone will be compelled to come forward. we a posting pictures. the kids trust a coach and they play a large role in their lives that's why this is so hard to hear. a large swim club and the coach
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coached olympian athletes. he is accused of abusing a 13- year-old on the swim team back in the 1980s. she was just a little girl. >> i trusted him my parents trusted him. everyone trusted him. that was broken. >> she came forward because he tried to pay the family off to keep quiet. she is worried there may be more victims. u.s. swimming has banned him for life. it was leveled by an earthquake and now haiti needs to dig out again after hurricane sandy. >> and we'll take threw in a bit and show you the aimages of the flooding and leaving people with nothing. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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it may have been -- not as bad in 2010 but there is a lot of damage in haiti. and flood waters swallowed up homes. they have lost everything. and there are reports that three people in haiti have died
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because of the weather and the storms. bridges have collapsed making the rescue efforts difficult. >> we have been monitoring the storm. and right there over to the computers. what did you see. >> i'm trying to set it up. can you see where it will be moving to the north. this is a fasty storm away from florida t didn't make landfall there. it is taking a lashing a beating. that will be the trend as it starts to slide up to the east. i was looking at now there are watches up and warnings up. along the carolina coast. it will make its way as we go true through sunday and monday. now the traffic with lauren. >> we are dealing with a lot of fog out there, turn on the low beams. there will be reduced visibility. if you are traveling on 695,
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no problems all the way up to towson. # 3 and going to be nice and clear. as we check in at 395. 95 traffic moving along no concerns getting through the tunnel. over to you. heavy rains and winds and sandy making its way through the caribbean heading for the coast line. we'll have a report from the coast where they are buckling down for the storm's arrival. we'll be right back. let's say you want to get ahead in your career.
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thanks for staying with us. sandy now is a category 1 and rolling across the caribbean heading to the coast line. and this morning from the sister station is on the coast line this morning. and good morning to you. things are different than they did tan when we met with you yesterday. >> reporter: yes, lot different. we have been dealing with wind gusts and bands. we have been running around all morning with and without the
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jackets. that's been the new element but we're on the beach inlet, this is the area where people come to walk. they watch the sun come up and the boats come in. and it is taped off today and for good evening. the waves down at the end are crashing into the building and i'm not sure if you can see it. that white building there and waves have been crashing in. here is a look at the trees and the wind gust has been blowing it over just a bit stronger than it was yesterday. and here back out by the water. and it is a little dark it is harder and faster on the shore. and we're dealing with the rain today. that's the latest. back to you. >> be safe. we'll check in throughout the
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day. you can stay ahead of the storm at and things you want to know as you head out, and prosecutors in the george zimmerman ord remember going to request a gag order. he is charged in the shooting death of trayvon martin. a man who accused of shooting a guard is due in coward. he is facing several charges including attempted murder. supporters of the bradley manning are holding an event in his honor. he is accused of leaking documents to wiki leaks. and it there will be a discussion and performance with graham nash. and the he lost his medals but now he may lose the prize money. the cycling union is holding a meeting determining whether to get the money back from armstrong and if the titles should go to others.
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the president is reaching out to young voters. he will appear on tv to answer questions submitted on facebook. and the cost of higher education will be one of the questions that he will have to answer. thanksgiving is less than a month away, that means it is time to get ready for the turkey dinner. and a the family center will open to collect your donations. the turkey drive is meant to collect the items to prepare the meals. the center will open at 9:00 this morning and close at 9:00 on sunday night. if you are looking for something to do with the kids, can you head to the maryland zoo for the zoo boo that kicks off. the kids can put on the costumes and go trick or streeting. there is a contest and hay maze and animals and of course good food. so it starts today and runs until sunday. the question is, will anyone go out there because of the
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weather? >> sandy will be a factor. you have been monitoring that but closer to home. queen ann county and talbot county schools on a 90 minute delay. >> exactly. >> we have been talking about sandy so much. that is the thing going on as we go through today and through the weekend. but we do have some patchy fog to talk about. we're mild outside. we'll get to that. all eyes on sandy and this is important. you need to prepare now. this is off the coast of florida moving to off the coast of the carolinas, they have watches and warnings up and tropical storm watches and warnings across the area. that will continue as we go through the next couple of days. >> this is a big storm he woo are talking about and it will be bigger as we go through the next several days here. the time line again. we're talking about saturday
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things will go down hill. can you see how large it is. we'll get the outer bands coming in. if it's not rain we'll see clouds as we go into saturday. saturday afternoon. showers by saturday evening and then we'll get the heavy rain potential in here as we go into sunday. and sandy now the winds sustained about 80 miles an hour. this will move off to the north as we go through today. tomorrow and pushing away from the caribbean. and haiti and jamaica. now the eyes are set across the area and this is us. this is us. this why you need to take precaution. we are looking for basically coastal flooding across the area. rain. maybe about 5 to 8 inches depending upon where this makes landfall. if this makes landfall to the north of us, that will be a better scenario for us. 2 to 4-inches with that. rain nonetheless, very gusty
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winds, up to force. to the south of us around virginia that's when we will be in the brunt of things. it will be bad 5 to 8 inches of rain and inland snow as well and the tropical storm force winds sustained. it means it will be blowing out there. this is the bottom line, this is major storm potential, a long duration event. you hear me talking about sunday, monday, tuesday. by wednesday still wrapping it out. we'll be dealing with the windy conditions. flooding is a concern. i need you to have a plan ready and make sure that you down load the app here it is and a good day to get out there and do it. make sure that you down load it if you stay ahead of the storm. today is the day to do it it
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will blast through and link up. this is the cloud shield that will move in here and they will link up and this will be a monster storm. a perfect storm. today the temperatures right now coming in 60s. you don't need the heaviest coat but. the heavy rain. the forecast like this plan accordingly and friday and saturday will be in the clear for the most part. let's get a check now of the time saver traffic with lauren. >> good morning it is important not0 drive through the flooded
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waters. it is dangerous. right now 83 nice and clear. and traveling southbound and down to east fayette street. this is normal. 11 minutes right now. if you are using 95 as we check in and take a look here in white marsh at 43. it is moving along. nice and clear through the tunnel eight minutes now northbound from the beltway all the way to the toll plaza. traveling on 695 no problems up to towson. this is an 11-minute ride from 795 down to 95. that's a look at your time saver traffic. back to you. and some fans are going to extremes to get their hands on the world series tickets. >> what a fan is offering in exchange for the fall classic. is he offering a lemon to anyone willing to take the deal.
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thank you for staying with us. making an offer that no one can refuse. the world series tickets for his house. >> there is a catch there is always a catch. >> you see the home not as it
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seems in real life. the photo shows a home with a porch, awning all of it. when you see it in person. it is different. the front door is gone and smashed in. neighbors think it is a bad trade. >> do you know anyone who would give world series tickets for that? >> no. >> the owner said the house needs fixing up but worth it. more recaps this morning. talbot county and queen ann on a delay. the fog and we're watching sandy. stay with us. 330, that's how much weight a man lost in a year. >> and he is not done yet. we have the weight he started at and the big inspiration. and we're continuing to
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track sandy, we have reports coming from florida. and tips that you need to come in mind when you need to prepare. >> super storm sandy is moving in our direction. and the front. when they meet up and what it means for us after the break. everything is nice and clear here on 70 at columbia pike. how traffic is shaping up on 95 and 83. that's coming up on good morning maryland
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thank you for joining us this morning it is october 26th. and people in maryland are up and down the coast are now bracing themselves for sandy. and the storm has caused 21 deaths across the caribbean and the bahamas. >> we'll look from miami, the winds are picking up even though sandy is hundreds of miles away from the coast. >> we're tracking the storm as we have been doing for a number of days. a lot of different tracks but it could impact us. >> it will. we're talking about windy conditions, erosion and flng


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